Information on HDM-III, HDM-4 and their application.

Presentation at the launch workshop for the proposed International Study of Road Asset Management and Models in Washington D.C., May 2015.

Presentation on how HDM-4’s pavement deterioration and road user effects model work.

Presentation describing the data collection requirements for HDM.

Comprehensive book on the modelling of road user and environmental effects. It covers all aspects from vehcile operating costs to emissins. The models presented here formed the basis for the modelling in HDM-4, although the software does not fully implement the models.

A three-day training course on HDM-4 run in Cambodia covering all aspects of using HDM-4. The modules are:

01: Introduction to HDM-4

02: The HDM-4 Software Package

03: Case Study – Paving a Gravel Road

04: Structure of the HDM-4 Software

05: HDM-4 Analysis Options

06: HDM-4 Bituminous Pavement Deterioration

07: HDM-4 Economic Evaluation

08: HDM-4 Road User Effects

09: Calibration and Validation

10: HDM-4 Unsealed Road Deterioration

Overview of the context in which HDM-4 is used, and to provide participants with a framework by which they can identify how they might introduce or expand the use of HDM-4 in their organisations.

Presentation to the 2001 PMS Conference on how to calibrate HDM-4.

4th International PMS Conference. Calibration of the HDM-4 speed model to Thailand

Presentation giving an overview of the HDM-4 bituminous pavement deterioration model.

Authored by Chris Bennett and Bill Paterson, the HDM-4 Series Volume 5 describes how to calibrate HDM-4. The report addresses a range of issues from Information Quality through calibrating pavement deterioration and road user effects.

Presentation on how to calibrate HDM. Accompanies a paper by the same name for the 1st European PMS Conference.
Presentation on how HDM-4 calibration and validation is done.
Presentation giving detailed overview of the HDM-4 road user effect model.

Presentation giving a detailed summary of HDM-4.

Presentation describing the use of indexes and pavement deterioration models.

3rd International PMS Conference. Paper describing the techniques for calibrating HDM-4

Presentation describing the practical use of road deterioration models.

Presentation giving an overview of the HDM-4 road user effects model.

Presentation giving an overview of the HDM-4 technical relationships study which developed the pavement and road user models for HDM-4.

Presentation from Singapore pavement conference summarizing the HDM-4 PDWE modeling.

IPENZ Conference. Paper describing use of NPV as criteria for road investments

TRB Conference. Paper showing how HDM can be used to establish design standards for new pavements

A report on establishing VOC and pavement deterioration relationships for India. Contains a detailed review of the India VOC and PDWE research and how this work was used to establish models for use in the dTIMS PMS application.

Short note on modified version of HDM-III for Thailand

How HDM-III was modified and used for a study in Myanmar. Covers VOC and PDWE calibration as well as roughness measurements and application of HDM

Calibration and application of HDM-III for a feasibility study in Nepal.

How HDM-III was modified and calibrated to Myanmar for the Comprehensive Transport Study.

Short paper summarizing key findings from Chris Bennett's M.Eng. thesis on predicing vehicle operating costs.