Road and traffic safety.

2008 - International - IRAP: The True Cost of Road Carshes
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Report discussing the valuation of road crash costs. Presents models which can be used in different countries for approximate cost estimations.

2006 - Norway - Road Surface Condition and Safety
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Report describing the effects of rut depth, roughness and cross-slope on traffic risk. It was found that there was an increased risk with increasing rut depth, but a decreasing risk with increasing roughness. [Norwegian with English summary]

Report giving models for predicting reduction in crashes
Report giving models for predicting reduction in crashes

1995 - Traffic Safety Framework
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Recommendations on considering traffic safety in HDM-4

1995 - Sweden - Swedish Research on Accident Modelling
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Paper summarizing Swedish experience with traffic safety modelling.

1994 - TRL - Traffic Safety
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Report recommending how traffic safety should be modellied in HDM-4, with data from several countries.