Films and Interviews

Films and interviews involving Chris.

2015 - Tonga - Reconstructing Ha'apai After Cyclone Ian
 36.79 MB

Film on the World Bank financed Tonga Cyclone Ian Reconstruction and Climate Resilience Project.

2013 - Tuvalu Aviation Runway Interview
 10.88 MB

Interview on the unique situation in Tuvalu where the runway - which is used twice a week for aircraft - is the local playground for the rest of the time, and how we need to preserve that.

2012 - Armenia - Video on Lifeline Improvement Project
 19.49 MB

Short video from Armenia showing the social benefits from improving roads under the lifeline road improvement project. The full video is at

2009 - Armenia - Lifeline Road Project
 96.06 MB

A series of videos compiled from photo montages of the identification mission for the Armenia Lifeline Improvement Project. These roads were visited in January so not exactly a pleasant time for checking out roads!

2007 - Taiyuan Interview
 30.83 MB

An interview on China television discussing the Taiyuan Urban Transport project.

2005 - Riding the Xiaoxiang Expressway
 44.18 MB

While working in China, we completed a 220 km expressway. What better way to do my final inspection except on my bike? Our counterparts organized it and several dozen of us set off on the rain. This made the local TV news and the clip was filmed by the camera crew. A cyclists dream to have a brand new, empty expressway to ride!