2020 - Australia - Road Cross Section Design and Safe System New!


2020 - Australia - Road Cross Section Design and Safe System

This report summarises activities undertaken to produce guidance on road cross-section design for road stereotypes during stage 1 and 2 of this project. The guidance enables road managers, planners and designers to achieve improved safety outcomes by applying consistent standards along a road corridor. Thirteen road stereotypes were identified covering rural and urban roads ranging from freeways/motorways to local access roads. For each stereotype, a range of cross-sections was developed with appropriate attributes. Each cross-section was assessed for crash risk using the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) and the Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM). The tables provide guidance on the expected safety performance, or crash risk, of appropriate cross-section options for each stereotype. Note that the range of attribute dimensions in the assessment was very limited, so assessment results should be considered as an indication of the safety benefits for the nominated attributes. This information can be used to develop safety improvement plans on a network/corridor, to reduce crash risk on the network. Network/corridor plans can then inform project scoping decisions.

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