2019 - Australia - Viability of Using Recycled Plastics for Pavements New!


2019 - Australia - Viability of Using Recycled Plastics for Pavements

This report examines the viability of using recycled plastics in asphalt and sprayed seals by Australian and New Zealand road authorities. The report presents the findings of a literature review, including case studies of local and overseas road trials. It finds that waste plastic can act as a partial aggregate replacement in bituminous mixes and a binder extender without having any significant influence on the properties of the asphalt mix. However, not all recycled plastics are suitable for bitumen modification at high temperatures. It also finds that while there may be environmental benefits associated with the use of recycled plastic, there are concerns regarding the potential health and safety hazards that road workers might be exposed to while handling these materials, sustainability impacts, and impacts on the surrounding environment.

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