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2013 - Uganda - Review of Low-cost Seal Technology Options on Low Volume Roads


2013 - Uganda - Review of Low-cost Seal Technology Options on Low Volume Roads

Through the on-going, Danida supported, Rural Transport Infrastructure (RTI) component of the U-Growth Programme, an initiative has been undertaken to develop low-cost seal (LCS) technology in Uganda. LCSs allow wide use to be made of locally available materials and provide a viable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural gravel surfaces with more manageable maintenance requirements. Such seals may also be constructed by smallscale contractors using relatively low-capital, labour based methods and relatively small mechanised plant.

In anticipation of mainstreaming LCS technology, initially under the RTI program (300 km during the 4-year program period 2010-2013) and subsequently under the Government of Uganda’s (GoU) National Development Plan (10,000 km in the 5-year period 2010/112014/15), training modules were prepared by a consultant, MELTC staff were trained and a number of types of LCSs were constructed in early 2011 as a demonstration project.

Before a final commitment is made regarding the adoption of LCS technology a concrete justification for so doing is required by the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) as a basis for developing a clear policy and strategy for adoption by GoU. To this end, an assessment of the various key aspects of LCS technology as proposed to be applied in Uganda was carried out.

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