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2009 - NZ - Using Otta Seals for Dust Suppression


2009 - NZ - Using Otta Seals for Dust Suppression

The Otta seal is a low-cost seal option used in developed and developing countries for seal extension and resurfacing treatments. The technique is called ‘Otta seal’ because it was first developed and trialled in the Otta Valley in Norway, in 1963, as an inexpensive seal-extension treatment. After its initial success in the Norwegian trial, the use of the treatment spread throughout developing countries in Asia and Africa, and life cycles of up to 25 years are reported from South Africa.

This report describes a successful trial of the use of a simplified version of the Otta seal as a method for minimising dust emissions from gravel roads in New Zealand. It also compares the performance and cost effectiveness of the Otta seal with traditional dust minimisation techniques.

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