2020 - Key Management Issues for Low Volume Roads New!


2020 - Key Management Issues for Low Volume Roads

This awareness-raising material aims to help address key management issues in implementing successful low-volume rural roads (LVRRs) programs, bearing in mind the broader strategic network and connectivity requirements. It describes the (i) importance of LVRRs; (ii) key management issues including policy, classification, design, sustainability, climate change impacts, development strategies, technology choices, safety, economic analysis, and knowledge development; and (iii) relevance of LVRR to Strategy 2030 of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It will enable ADB to engage with developing member countries (DMCs) that wish to improve portions of their LVRRs in an informed and comprehensive manner. (iv) Well-developed and well-managed LVRRs are essential for (v) integrating and improving efficiency of the overall transport network, (vi) integrating rural populations into national social and development programs, (vii) market-oriented agricultural development and food security, (viii) rural enterprise development, (ix) achieving more than half of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and (x) achieving ADB’s Strategy 2030 operational priority 5 “promoting rural development and food security

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