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2016 - Australia - RMS Data Standard


2016 - Australia - RMS Data Standard

The Data Standard for Road Management and Investment is being developed to provide Australian and New Zealand road agencies and their suppliers with a common approach to the specification of operational data.
The Standard will establish agreed definitions of data to ensure it is collected, used and interpreted appropriately and consistently.
The Standard provides guidance for road managers with different levels of sophistication in inventory and asset planning, and will benefit anyone who uses road related data for research, policy development, expenditure comparisons, funding approvals, national reporting, shared services and inter-organisation communications. It will also benefit innovation and national reforms.

This first version of the Standard has been prepared to provide information for road managers and the wider road sector. Austroads is now revising the Standard and plans to publish a second version in 2017. The 2017 version will contain additional data fields and be supported with an implementation plan.

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