2021 - Portugal - Prediction of Friction Degradation in Highways New!


2021 - Portugal - Prediction of Friction Degradation in Highways

The development of a linear mixed model to describe the degradation of friction on flexible road pavements to be included in pavement management systems is the aim of this study. It also aims at showing that, at the network level, factors such as temperature, rainfall, hypsometry, type of layer, and geometric alignment features may influence the degradation of friction throughout time. A dataset from six districts of Portugal with 7204 sections was made available by the Ascendi Concession highway network. Linear mixed models with random effects in the intercept were developed for the two-level and three-level datasets involving time, section and district. While the three-level models are region-specific, the two-level models offer the possibility to be adopted to other areas. For both levels, two approaches were made: One integrating into the model only the variables inherent to traffic and climate conditions and the other including also the factors intrinsic to the highway characteristics. The prediction accuracy of the model was improved when the variables hypsometry, geometrical features, and type of layer were considered. Therefore, accurate predictions for friction evolution throughout time are available to assist the network manager to optimize the overall level of road safety

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