2019 - Ethiopia - Evaluation of Pavement Performance New!


2019 - Ethiopia - Evaluation of Pavement Performance

The research reported in the thesis, considers the experimentation conducted on the road connecting Gonder to Debark were analyzed to evaluate the functional characteristics of pavement and to investigate relationship between IRI and falling weight deflection with pavement distress such as cracking, potholes, rutting and raveling. The data collected with the help of road surface tester (RST) vehicle is obtained with the help of ERA authority, in addition to rutting (RUT), cracking (CRA), pothole (POT) and raveling (RAV).The IRI is evaluated over equally spaced traveled along the road profile, and roughness measurement performed at speed between 80 km/hr., as per standards of AASHTO. Mintab 17 is adopted for developing models for predictions. The first model was roughness model and it had a prediction power of R2 of 0.834. The developed model was adopted for investigation between roughness and easily measurable distress namely cracking, rutting, raveling and pothole. The deflection model of R2 of 0.851. The independent variables of deflection model are the same as roughness model.

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