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2008 - Pavement Data Collection Technologies


2008 - Pavement Data Collection Technologies

Different types of data are required for managing the road infrastructure. Inventory data describe the physical elements of a road system. Condition data describe the condition of elements that can be expected to change over time. There are a wide range of technologies available to the road manager for measuring attributes of the road network. The challenge is to select the appropriate equipment, given local conditions and the way in which the data are expected to be used. Too often, agencies have adopted data collection technologies which are not sustainable and this has compromised the quality or usefulness of their pavement management system (PMS). This paper presents basic principles for data collection which should be considered in a PMS, highlights key technologies, and presents a method by which an agency can select the most appropriate technology given their specific requirements.

This paper was presented at the 2008 International Conference on Pavement Management in Calgary.

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