2007 - Canada - National Road Network Conceptual Data Model


2007 - Canada - National Road Network Conceptual Data Model

The National Road Network (NRN) conceptual model was elaborated in collaboration with interested data providers and is adopted by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG). The standard ISO 14825 — Intelligent transport systems — Geographic Data Files (GDF) — Overall data specification served as a guide for the elaboration of the NRN conceptual model. The NRN vocabulary used (class names and attribute names) largely conforms to the ISO 14825.

This document describes the NRN conceptual model according to a segmented view where segmentation is created on linear elements where an attribute value changes.

It also identifies classes and attributes that are part of the NRN, Edition 2.0 product distributed on the GeoBase portal (www.geobase.ca). The conceptual model is represented using UML (Unified Modeling Language) notation.

The following reports provide additional information:

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