2021 - Laos - Roughness Progression Models for National Road Network New!


2021 - Laos - Roughness Progression Models for National Road Network

: The International Roughness Index (IRI) has been accepted globally as an essential indicator for assessing pavement condition. The Laos Road Management System (RMS) utilizes a default Highway Development and Management (HDM-4) IRI prediction model. However, developed IRI values have shown the need to calibrate the IRI prediction model. Data records are not fully available for Laos yet, making it difficult to calibrate IRI for the local conditions. This paper aims to develop an IRI prediction model for the National Road Network (NRN) based on the available Laos RMS database. The Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) analysis technique was applied to develop two new IRI prediction models for Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) and Asphalt Concrete (AC) pavement sections. The final database consisted of 83 sections with 269 observations over a 1850 km length of DBST NRN and 29 sections with 122 observations over a 718 km length of AC NRN. The proposed models predict IRI as a function of pavement age and Cumulative Equivalent Single-Axle Load (CESAL). The model’s parameter analysis confirmed their significance, and R2 values were 0.89 and 0.84 for DBST and AC models, respectively. It can be concluded that the developed models can serve as a useful tool for engineers maintaining paved NRN.

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