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2008 - USA - North Carolina Pavement Condition Survey Manual


2008 - USA - North Carolina Pavement Condition Survey Manual This manual has been developed to assist North Carolina Division of Highways personnel in conducting a condition survey of the paved road network in North Carolina. All state-maintained roads on the Primary, Secondary, and Urban Systems are included in the survey.

The goals of the condition survey are to assist in establishing a uniform level-of-service for maintenance across the state and to help maximize the benefit of all dollars spent on the roads in the state. Other benefits of the condition survey include:

1. A ranking system to prioritize maintenance needs
2. A summary of the overall condition of the pavements in any area of the state
3. A uniform rating system for each Division
4. A means to monitor the condition of any section of pavement (particular special design, use of materials or construction projects)
5. An historical record of pavement performance and maintenance practices.

The previous surveys established descriptive and rating information for all flexible pavement sections of the state-maintained systems. A milepost scheme was also used to further pinpoint begin and end points for each section rated. All of this information has been stored in computer files and will be used in the 2008 survey.
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