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2012 – USA – Electro-Optical Sensor Evaluation for Airfield Pavements


2012 – USA – Electro-Optical Sensor Evaluation for Airfield Pavements

Safety is the top priority at an airfield: it is the goal of any airport to provide safe, reliable service for all users. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on the airfield poses a threat to aircraft and personnel. Technology has advanced to develop radar-based and electro-optical FOD detection systems which alert an operator when FOD is present.


Airfield pavement needs to be closely monitored for FOD generation as well. As pavement deteriorates, its potential to create FOD increases. The relationship between airfield pavement management and FOD detection systems has not been explored in detail, but the benefits of using a detection system to monitor pavement condition are numerous. Pavement Condition Index surveys could be safer and faster, with distress data archived for future use and comparison. This study explores the possibility of using an electro-optical sensor for airfield pavement management applications.

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