Technical reports on HDM-4 covering its development and application.  Some files are stored under the 'Road User Effects' and 'Pavement Deterioration' categories.

Sub Categories

HDM-III Development

Various working papers and other materials from the development of HDM-III.


Reports on the application of HDM for road investments prioritization.


Reports on the calibration and validation of HDM.


Reports on different aspects of HDM.


For additional presentations on HDM-4 look under Chris Bennett's reports.

HDM-4 Setup Files

HDM-4 setup files used in analyses in different countries.

Note: These files have been prepared by different consultants or agencies. There is no guarantee that the data, analytical approach, or any contents are sensible or correct. All responsibility rests with the end user for using anything in these files.

HDM-4 Training

Training courses on HDM-4


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