folder Other

Others not fitting into the categories above.


folder Economic and Financial Analysis

Reports related to economic and financial analysis of road investments

folder Environment and Social

Environmental and social reports

folder GIS and Remote Sensing

Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

folder ITS

Intelligent Transport Systems

folder Quality Assurance

Quality control and quality assurance of road construction

folder Road Agency Annual Reports and Strategies

Annual reports and transport strategies prepared by different agencies.

folder Road User Satisfaction Surveys

Road user satisfaction surveys

folder Tunnels

Tunnel design, construction and operations

folder Others

Reports not fitting into any other categories.


pdf 2012 – The Promise of Rural Roads Popular


Excellent report on the critical role that rural roads play in social and economic development. Highly recommended.

pdf 2005 - USA - Handbook of Traffic Control Practices for Low-Volume Rural Roads Popular


Low-volume road handbook to assist local government officials in Kansas in providing traffic control and guidance for drivers on low-volume roads.

pdf 2004 - India - Passenger Car Units for Heterogeneous Traffic Using a Modified Density Method Popular


Study on passenger car units for heterogeneous traffic and the use of a modified density method.The project team collected speed, flow and lateral placement data at 34 rural and suburban highway sites throughout India. These sites comprised six highway types. The study also rendered passenger car units for each Indian traffic type in relation to an Indian passenger car.

pdf 1998 - NZ - Road Agency Management Popular


Presentation by Dr J Dunlop discussing operating procedures and systems for Transit NZ.

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