folder Documents

folder HDM-4

Technical reports on HDM-4 covering its development and application.  Some files are stored under the 'Road User Effects' and 'Pavement Deterioration' categories.

folder Road Management

Reports on computerized road, bridge and pavement management systems.

folder Data Collection

Reports on all aspects of collecting pavement, road and traffic data.

folder Specifications

Specifications and terms of reference used for procurement of road management software, equipment and services.

folder Road Maintenance

Reports and specifications for road maintenance, including performance based/output based maintenance.

folder Software

Software applications.

folder Road/Pavement Design and Performance

Reports related to road geometric and pavement design

folder Pavement Deterioration

Reports addressing pavement deterioration and its modelling.

folder Road User Effects

Reports addressing road user effects (i.e. vehicle operating costs and the environment) and their modelling.

folder Other

Others not fitting into the categories above.

folder Chris Bennett's Papers and Reports

Papers and technical reports from Chris' projects as well as his presentations.


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