2018 - India - HDM4 Pavement Model Calibration for Urban Roads New!


2018 - India - HDM4 Pavement Model Calibration for Urban Roads

This study aims to calibrate an HDM-4 model to predict pavement deterioration due to structural cracking and ravelling in a selected road section in Patiala (Punjab, India). The steps involved in calibration include modelling the past patterns of pavement deterioration and comparing them with the present-day measurement in order to make adjustments to the model. Data from 15 selected road sections of Patiala was collected for three successive years, starting from the year 2012 to the end of the year 2014, to create the model. Root Mean Square error and Coefficient of Determination were used for evaluating the deviation between the observed and calculated values of pavement deterioration parameters. The calibrated values were further validated, and it was deduced that the HDM-4 models predict the pavement distress with high accuracy and can be further used for developing effective management and maintenance strategies for the Indian urban road network

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